Speaker at the following international conferences


§  Non invasive indoor air quality control through HVAC systems cleaning state” International Conference on Sustainable Housing Planning, Managment and Usability, Porto 2016

§  “Estimation of delta-contaminated density of the random intensity of Poisson data” Statistics and Computing ERCIM’15 London, 2015

§  “Using frames in statistical signal recovering” MASCOT , Rome, 2015

§  “A new frame-based denoising procedure for fast oscillating signals” ERCIM’12 Oviedo Spain, 2012

§  Clustering of time-course gene expression data using a bayesian infinite mixture model based approach " ERCIM’09 , Ciprus, 2009

§  Bayesian models for the two-sample time-course microarray experiments" Mini EURO Conference on Computational Biology, Roma 2008

§  "Bayesian methods for time-course microarray",NETTAB 2008: Bioinformatics Methods for Biomedical Complex System Applications, Varenna,  Maggio 2008

§  "Bayesian interpretation and credible intervals for regularized linear wavelet estimator", CRETE NPCONF 2002, Crete, Greece, July 2002.

§  "Stimatori wavelet per la regressione non parametrica in modelli ad effetti misti". SIMAI  2000, Ischia (Napoli), Italy, June 2000.

§  "Alcune tecniche oggettive di selezione di stimatori lineari per la regressione non parametrica".  XVI Congresso U.M.I., Napoli, September 1999.

§  "New quasi analytical method for evaluating the coefficients of a linearized RTE model". Satellite Remote Sensing of Clouds and the Atmosphere II, London (UK) September 1998. 

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