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EUA Computational Field Simulation Days at IMACS 2005 
July 11-15, 2005, Paris

EUA4X Computational Field Simulation Days was a guest event in the 17th IMACS World Congress on Scientific Computation, Applied Mathematics and Simulation (IMACS 2005). Participants had the opportunity to meet inspirational leaders in the academia, network with other talented researchers and professionals and participate to special sessions of IMACS 2005 on Numerical Grid Generation and Field Computing. The sessions dealt with the presentation and discussion of innovative technologies of scientific computing. 16 papers of outstanding authors from all around the world illustrated new advanced approaches and computational results in this field. Lecturers of the educational sessions were Prof. Robert Vichnevetsky, founder and Honorary President of IMACS, who illustrated the crucial role of computers in research, Dr. Rosa Maria Spitaleri (IAC-CNR) event organizer and session chair, who introduced basic grid generation approaches and Prof Luca Formaggia of MOX, well known expert in unstructured and adaptive grid generation.

  15 EU fellowships were accepted and assigned to young participants to attend the event.

Rosa Maria Spitaleri

State-of-the-art in Numerical Grid Generation: From Theory to Practice
October 3-7, 2005, Lecce

The basic aim of the course is to provide a state of the art in numerical grid generation. Ranging from theoretical to application approaches the method overview deals with effective solutions of domain discretization problems occuring in computational field simulations. Participants will be introduced to grid generation expectations and appropriate solution methods, to structured and unstructured grids or mixed approaches, to grid quality investigation and adaption by an application oriented training which is planned to include complementary participants' activities.

Numerical grid generation can be defined as the art of locating a discrete sets of point in a field. As better the points are placed as more accurately phenomenon information can be kept so that specific behaviours of characteristic physical quantities can be deeper investigated by numerical simulation. Domain discretization is a basic step in computational simulation, that is in processes of scientifc computing designed to handle advanced simulations in several application fields. This crucial step requires grid generation technology to be continuously improved.
Young researchers' active practice will include introducing their own research, experiencing grid generation, leading up a poster session and facing internationally know experts in the field. Joining international scientific communities allows the view on current resarch directions and chances to meet leading experts in grid generation and computational simulation to be extended.


20 EU fellowships are offered to young participants to attend the conference.


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Rosa Maria Spitaleri

This  two EU sponsored workshops are part of the EUA4X project, the "European Atelier For Engineering and Computational Sciences" financed by the European Union "Marie Curie Conferences and Training Courses Program". A limited number of fellowships is available for young researchers covering participation costs (including travel and accomodation).

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