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Microfluidic: Experiments and Numerics

28-30 September 2007 Villa Mondragone, Roma, Italy


The aim of the workshop is to bring into contact scientists from mathematics, theoretical and experimental physics, engineering and industries, all working, although with different perspectives, on Microfluidic Flows. By promoting cross-fertilization of ideas among these different fields, we intend to stimulate new interdisciplinary approaches to this rich and challenging subject. To this end, we propose an Exploratory Workshop aimed at investigating meso-scale and nano-scale dynamics affected by micro-scale and nano-scale non-equilibrium effects in fluids. We shall focus our attention on problems spanning a wide range of theoretical and applied issues such as: (i) slippage properties of single-phase and two-phase flows at the boundaries of microdevices; (ii) mixing properties of passive and active contaminants; (iii) viscoelastic effects at the microscale; (iv) contact lines dynamics. These phenomena raise challenging scientific questions, whose understanding stands out as a fundamental issue in modern non-equilibrium statistical mechanics, with direct implications for future applied science and modern technology.

The purpose of this workshop is to give an important contribution in the comprehension of Microfluidic, improve our knowledge on modelization, and apply this knowledge to practical problems.

Partecipation is under invitation only.
Organizing committee

Luca Biferale (University of Tor Vergata, Roma, Italy),
Sauro Succi (CNR-IAC, Roma, Italy),
Federico Toschi (CNR-IAC, Roma, Italy)