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Brazil, Universidade Federal do Minas Gerais, Feb. 2015


Bioinformatics, Master Degree in Data Science, La Sapienza University, Academic year 2016/17

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~~~ Network Literacy


As our world becomes increasingly connected through the use of networks that allow instantaneous communication and the spread of information, the degree of people’s understanding of how these networks work will play a major role in determining how much society will benefit from this heightened connectivity. In short, a networked society requires network literacy: basic knowledge about how networks can be used as a tool for discovery and decision-making, and about both their potential benefits and pitfalls, made accessible for all people living in today’s networked world.


Watch my tv appearance in Nautilus, the Italian National Broadcasting Company (RAI) popular science show: (in Italian), introducing basic network concepts.


For information and resources about the Network Literacy initiative, please visit the project website:


and download the brochures (in English and Italiano):



Network Literacy –essential concepts and basic ideas (PDF): Italian version: Reti: concetti essenziali e idee di base (PDF)