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Published on "Nuclear Acids Research" an IAC contribution for the computation of methylation age.


Published on NAR an important contribution for the computation of methylation age.

In an article published in Nuclear Acids Research, the research group composed by IAC CNR and the University of Bologna has organized the largest collection of existing methods for calculating the age of methylation of many tissues and with different technologies.

The effects of age on DNA methylation levels have long been known.

The age of methylation (methylage) is a value that accounts for the biological age of a tissue. Alterations of the correlation between methylage and chronological age have been stably associated with pathologies. Using DNA methylation data, methylage is measurable via computation models called epigenetic clocks.

To enhance model comparisons, interchange, availability, robustness, and standardization, the researchers organized a selected set of clocks within a hub web service called EstimAge (, which intuitively and informatively enables quick identification, computation, and comparison of available clocks, with the support of standard statistics.

This web service is currently the largest available. It allows calculating the methylation age on a wide range of tissues and from a large number of methylation measurement technologies.

For further information, contact Christine Nardini.