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-An easy-to-use numerical approach for simulating traffic flow on networks


Seminario di Maya Briani (IAC-CNR) al Dipartimento di Matematica di Roma La Sapienza

-Martedi' 26 febbraio 2013

Ore 15:00, Aula di Consiglio
Seminario di Modellistica differenziale numerica
Dip. di Matematica, università Roma La Sapienza
Maya Briani (IAC, Roma)
An easy-to-use numerical approach for simulating traffic flow on

We study a simple model for traffic flow on networks based on the LWR
model. We consider a system of conservation laws with space-dependent
and discontinuous flux, each of which describes the evolution of a
population of drivers with a unique origin-destination pair. The main
advantage of this formulation is that junctions actually disappear, so
that a unique mathematical theory can be applied for the whole
network, i.e., there is no need to manage junctions separately as in
the classical theory. Surprisingly, if the equations are numerically
approximated by means of the Godunov scheme, the resulting algorithm
automatically maximizes the flux at junctions, thus respecting the
typical assumptions of the classical theory. Numerical examples for
small- and medium-scale networks are provided, aiming at showing the
simplicity of the algorithm.
LINK: http://www.mat.uniroma1.it/ricerca/seminari/mdn/index.cgi