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Moving Mesh and Smoothed Particle Methods for Computational Fluid Dynamics


Speaker: Philip Mocz (Harvard University, Phd student) venerdi' 30 gennaio 2015 h. 11.30 IAC-CNR aula riunioni 2° piano via dei Taurini, 19 - Roma

I will describe two state-of-the-art Lagrangian methods for computational fluid dynamics, widely used in the field of astrophysics. The moving mesh technique has been recently developed for cosmological simulations and uses an unstructured Voronoi mesh that is advected with the flow. It has a Galilean-invariant formulation which greatly reduces advection errors, is automatically adaptive, and handles boundary conditions with moving solid walls very easily. The second technique is smoothed particle hydrodynamics, which has seen a number of recent advancements in its formulation, particularly to improve handling discontinuities in the flow. The advantages of the two methods will be compared. I will also present some current work on how SPH can be reformulated to solve problems in quantum mechanics.