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Hough Transform of special classes of curves for the detection of profiles in medical and astronomical images


Speaker: Annalisa Perasso (Dipartimento di Matematica, Universita` di Genova , Post-doc student) Martedi' 27 gennaio 2015 h. 12.00 IAC-CNR aula riunioni 2° piano via dei Taurini, 19 - Roma

Abstract: The Hough transform is a classical pattern recognition algorithm used to detect straight lines, circles and ellipses in images. Recently, algebraic geometry arguments have been applied to generalize this approach to special classes of curves. In fact, it is possible to formulate a computationally effective generalization of the algorithm for line detection, that is able to automatically recognize in the image profiles described by such classes of curves (for instance,  rational  and elliptic curves). The effectiveness of this method is proved against both low-resolution clinical CT data and high-resolution astronomical images provided by the NASA solar dynamics observatory satellite.