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On the numerical validation of the conjecture of a subglacial lake at the Svalbard archipelago


Daniela Mansutti, I.A.C./C.N.R. (Rome), at Aula Consiglio, Department of Mathematics "G. Castelnuovo", Sapienza Universita' Roma at 3 pm.

In this talk  the conjecture of the existence of a subglacial lake underneath Amundsenisen Plateau at South-Spitzbergen, Svalbard, will be discussed: why it was raised, in which physical environment, why it is worth to be investigated. With the aim to provide a numerical validation, an algorithm has been proposed, based on the classical conservation laws for the system 'atmosphere, glacier, subglacial lake and bedrock'. Actually, results to numerical tests confirm the likelihood of the conjectured lake.

Critical aspects of  the  adopted mathematical numerical modelling will be presented.