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Biomimicry - a different perspective on innovation


Mercoledì 19 giugno 2019, h. 10.30, CNR-IAC, Via dei Taurini 19, Aula Riunioni 1° piano Sayfan Giulia Borghini's research in the last ten years is focused on complex systems at the intersection of technological and social forces, and the way new understandings in this area are rapidly upturning some of the fundamental assumptions of existing paradigms of thought. Urbanizing ecosystems, together with social networks, and the emerging phenomena of collective intelligence are fundamental examples of the necessity for an integrated and pluralistic frame to understand the immensely complex layers of the socio-technological world. In my lectures the aim is to clarify and center the correlations among this area of studies, future scenarios, and the critical role of Design across a growing span of territories in an increasingly human dominated world.

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Novelty refers to “new behaviors, strategies or forms of organization that allows a system to adapt in a dynamic environment”. Looking at the natural world and the way life evolved on the planet provides insightful understanding on how novel strategies emerge and survive in dynamic ecosystems. The physical mechanisms via which information is transferred between simple organisms in ways which allow surprising feats of collective coordination and primitive decision making for example, provide interesting approaches on intelligence encoding and has inspired a number of notable applications. The lecture will introduce Biomimicry as a different available perspective on how learning from natural organisms and ecosystems can provide inspiration for the design of new processes, structures and artifacts. And how, as an interdisciplinary methodology for creative thinking, it opens new opportunities for solving problems in a sustainable fashion.