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EoCoE webinar on PSBLAS 3.6 - Sparse Matrices Computation & Iterative Solvers for HPC


The EoCoE team is kicking off 2020 with a webinar about "“PSBLAS 3.6 - Sparse Matrices Computation & Iterative Solvers for HPC”, taking place on January 20, 2020 and starting at 3PM.

The “PSBLAS 3.6 - Sparse Matrices Computation & Iterative Solvers for HPC” webinar  is organized within the EoCoE project and will take place on January 20, 2020 and start at 3PM. It will be chaired by Fabio Durastante. 

This tutorial will address the basic functionalities of the PSBLAS library for the parallelization of computationally intensive scientific applications. We will delve into the parallel implementation of iterative solvers for sparse linear systems in a distributed memory paradigm, and look at the routines for multiplying sparse matrices by dense matrices, solving block diagonal systems with triangular diagonal entries, preprocessing sparse matrices, and several additional routines for dense matrix operations. We will discuss both the direct usage of the library in Fortran2003 and the usage of the C interfaces. The tutorial will include examples relative to the EoCoE-II application areas, and highlight how the PSBLAS environment can be used to obtain scalable parallel codes.

For those of you who wish to participate, please register on the dedicated GoToWebinar page at the following link.