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Mathematical Approach to Climate Change and its Impacts - MAC2I

AUTORI: Piermarco Cannarsa, DANIELA MANSUTTI, Antonello Provenzale

Springer-INDAM series, vol. 38 (printed on March 2020)

This book presents important recent applied mathematics research on environmental problems and impacts due to climate change. Although there are inherent difficulties in addressing phenomena that are part of such a complex system, exploration of the subject using mathematical modelling is especially suited to tackling poorly understood issues in the field. It is in this spirit that the book was conceived.  It is an outcome of the International INDAM Workshop “Mathematical Approach to Climate Change Impacts – MAC2I”, held in Rome in March 2017. The workshop comprised four sessions, on Ecosystems, Hydrology, Glaciology, and Monitoring. The book includes original peer-reviewed contributions on research issues discussed during each of these sessions or generated by collaborations among the specialists involved. Accurate parameter determination techniques are explained and innovative mathematical modelling approaches, presented. The book also provides useful material and mathematical problem-solving tools for doctoral programs dealing with the complexities of climate change.

LINK: https://www.springer.com/gp/book/9783030386689