Work in progress or under review

- Modelling phase separation in amorphous solid dispersion for drug-polymer systems (with  S. McGinty and M. Meere), in preparation,  2020.

Solid dispersions are products that contain mixtures of drug and other materials e.g. polymer. Due to temperature raising or humidity conditions, these phases separate-out over time – a phenomenon known as phase separation. We develop a multi-component diffusion model, based on the Flory-Huggins equations for the evolution of the concentrations of the components constituting a solid dispersion. Two-dimensional simulations  are carried out with finite element package COMSOL Multiphysics  for a hot melt mixing of a Felodipine/HPMCAS system. The results evidence the  formation of different regimes according to the drug fraction and temperature.

- Modelling ATP concentration and endothelial cell migration on line patterns (with N. Roselli, A. Barakat,  R. Natalini), in preparation,  2020.

​Based on extended experiments, we study the ​ transport of ATP/ADP nucleotides  at the endothelium surface under flow.  The concentration of ATP/ADP  is determined by the combined effects of nucleotide convective and diffusive transport as well as ATP release from cells and  hydrolysis  on the wall surface.​ The present investigation includes a model for the endothelial cell migration on line patterns, i.e. surfaces patterned with alternating adhesive and non-adhesive lines.


Submitted or preprints:

- G. Pontrelli, S. McGinty, D. Peri, G. Toniolo, S. Succi, C. Chatgilialoglu, Mathematical modelling of drug delivery from pH-responsive nanocontainers (ArXiv preprint), 2020.

- N. Roselli, A. Castagnino, R. Natalini, G. Pontrelli, A.I. Barakat, The effect of line patterns on intracellular ATP concentration in vascular endothelial cells, in preparation, 2020.

  (last update: july 2020)