Italian-French Conference Bagno Vignoni 2006

BAGNO VIGNONI (Siena), Toscana, Italy
Tel. +390577887112 - Fax +390577887119


- The scientific program is available HERE.

Conference participants

Bruno Andreotti
Jeremie Bec
Roberto Benzi
Luca Biferale
Freddy Bouchet
Carlo M. Casciola
Enrico Calzavarini
Sergio Chibbaro
Elisabetta De Angelis
Paolo Gualtieri
Lorenzo Isella
Alessandra Lanotte
Emmanuel Leveque
Jean-Pierre Minier
Jean-Francois Pinton
Alain Pumir
Maria V. Salvetti
Mauro Sbragaglia
Alfredo Soldati
Federico Toschi

Photo by giuliomarziale

AIM - The meeting is meant to gather people interested to discuss about Lagrangian transport in turbulence and laminar flows, two phase flows both at the macro and micro-scales and statistical properties of complex systems in general. The aim of the workshop, is both to give the chance to participants to have short presentations of their current work, and to provide plenty of time for discussion and collaboration in a relaxing environment. Although primarily a French Italian meeting, the workshop is opened to all the interested public.

DATES - The meeting will take place from November the 27th (approximately starting at noon) and will end in the late afternoon of the 29th of November 2006.

VENUE - The venue of the meeting is a SPA hotel worldwide famous (you
may remember it as the set for Andrei Tarkovsky's Nostalghia) in one
of the most beautiful countryside in Toscana. The name of the venue is
"HOTEL POSTA" MARCUCCI in BAGNO VIGNONI (Siena), Toscana, Italy Tel. +390577887112 - Fax +390577887119,
web page:

HOW TO REACH (IMPORTANT) - Use of personal or rental car is our suggested option, but, if you do not plan to come by car, please contact us and we will organize for you a pickup at Chiusi-Chianciano train station (easily reachable from Roma with 1 hour and something train ride). You may look at information provided on the web page of the Hotel:

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION - We have a special agreement with the Hotel for the following discounted rates. Double room used as single: 75,00 euro/day (per person); Double room: 63,00 euro/day (per person); buffet lunch 18,00 euro/person; dinner (7 dishes of typical regional specialties) 25,00 euro/dinner (per person). Please notice that all participants have the freedom to decide if they prefer or not to have dinner and/or lunch at the hotel. All room rates include breakfast and access to thermal water swimming pools.  To guarantee the above rates, you will need to specify that you will take part to the TURBULENCE meeting, at moment of reservation.

CONFERENCE FEE - There will be a conference fee of 30,00 euro/person for the coffee breaks.

Talks should be around 30-40 minutes long each.

Hope to see you soon in Bagno Vignoni
Federico Toschi and Luca Biferale

For any inquiry, please email: