Stime ottimali per soluzioni di problemi di Neumann in casi limite

Decision making in structured finance: a case in risk adjusted performance computation

Segmentation of Synthetic Aperture Radar Image by PDE Approach

Algebraic Elliptic Methods, Computational and Knowledge Tools for Numerical Grid Generation

Numerical methods for pricing options under jump--diffusion processes and stochastic volatility models

Dynamics and rheology of cells and vesicles in shear flow

A deep understanding of the dynamics and rheology of suspensions of vesicles, cells, and capsules is relevant for different applications, ranging from soft glasses to blood flow [1]. I will present the study of suspensions of fluid vesicles by a combination of molecular dynamics and mesoscale…

An eigenvalue problem in anisotropic Orlicz.Sobolev spaces

The existence of eigenfunctions for a class of fully anisotropic elliptic equations is established. The relevant equations are associated with constrained minimization problems for integral func- tionals depending on the gradient of competing functions through general anisotropic Young functions.…

A new frame based de-noising procedure for fast oscillating signals

In recent years there has been a growing interest in frame based de-noising procedures. The advantage of frames with respect to classical orthonor- mal bases (e.g. wavelet, Fourier, polynomial) is that they can furnish an efficient representation of a more broad class of signals. For example,…

La disuguaglianza di Holder per i Piccoli Spazi di Lebesgue

On Bayesian wavelet estimators: Global and Pointwise Comvergence