Kinetics of in vivo proliferation and death of memory and naive CD8 T cells: parameter estimation based on BrdU incorporation in spleen, lymph nodes and bone marrow.

Dynamic simulation of a flexible transport system

Welcome to NeuroPype: A Python-based pipeline for advanced MEG and EEG connectivity analyses

With the exponential increase in data dimension and methodological complexities, conducting brain network analyses using MEG and EEG is becoming an increasingly challenging and time-consuming endeavor. To date, most of the MEG/EEG processing is done by combining software packages and custom tools…

The storage capacity of an associative memory with superimposed traces

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Peer Training in Applied Scientific Computing

Time-course whole-genome microarray analysis of estrogen effects on hormone-responsive breast cancer cells

A hierarchical Krylov-Bayes iterative inverse solver for MEG with anatomical prior

In the present study, we revisit the MEG inverse problem, regularization and depth weighting from a Bayesian hierarchical point of view: the primary unknown is the discretized current density and each dipole has a preferred direction extracted from the MRI of the subject and encoded in the prior…

Semiflexible polymers under large amplitude oscillatory shear flow

The non-equilibrium structural and dynamical properties of semiflexible polymers confined to two dimensions under oscillatory shear flow are investigated by Brownian multi-particle collision dynamics. Two different scenarios will be considered: Filaments with both fixed ends [1] and wall-anchored…

The impact of MEG source reconstruction method on source-space connectivity estimation: A comparison between minimum-norm solution and beamforming

The effect of the choice of the inverse method on the cortico-cortical coupling analysis has been largely overlooked in the literature. Here, we set out to investigate the impact of three inverse methods on source coherence detection using simulated MEG data. To this end, we created thousands of…

Newton methods for a class of nonlinear hypersingular integral equations