E' per mercoledì 8 febbraio il nuovo appuntamento con i seminari generali dell'IAC. 

Ospite è Luca Galantucci, ricercatore recentemente arrivato all'istituto per le applicazioni del calcolo.

Titolo del seminario: Dissipation anomaly in a turbulent quantum fluid


When the intensity of turbulence is increased (by increasing the Reynolds number, e.g. by reducing the viscosity of the fluid), the rate of the dissipation of kinetic energy decreases but does not tend asymptotically to zero: it levels off to a non-zero constant as smaller and smaller vortical flow structures are generated. This fundamental property, called the dissipation anomaly, is sometimes referred to as the zeroth law of turbulence. The question of what happens in the limit of vanishing viscosity (purely hypothetical in classical fluids) acquires a particular physical significance in the context of liquid helium, a quantum fluid which becomes effectively inviscid at low temperatures achievable in the laboratory. By performing numerical simulations and identifying the superfluid Reynolds number, here we show evidence for a superfluid analogue to the classical dissipation anomaly.
Our numerics indeed show that as the superfluid Reynolds number increases, smaller and smaller structures are generated on the quantized vortex lines on which the superfluid vorticity is confined, balancing the effect of weaker and weaker dissipation.

Il seminario si svolgerà in presenaz all'IAC, via dei Taurini 19 e in streaming sul canale YouTube CNR IAC.

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