Angela Monti per i Seminari Generali dell'IAC il 7 maggio alle 14.30


Il seminario si svolge martedì 7 maggio, in modalità mista, presenza e streaming (vedi link in calce). 

Il titolo del seminario è: Population outbreaks in host-parasitoid models:the role of on-off intermittency.

Di seguito l'abstract.

In the recent literature the emergence of “on-off”intermittency has been observed in the Beddington-Free-Lawton host-parasitoid model, when system bifurcation parameters have stochastic (random) temporal variations [1]. Here we show the onset of “on-off ”intermittency in a neighborhood of the free-parasitoid fixed point, for a random variation of the growth rate coefficient r [2]. In addition, we show what are the effects in terms of dynamics and emerging phenomenology when the environmental variability is modelled as a deterministic chaotic driving process [3].


[1] G. Vissio, A. Provenzale, On-off intermittency and irruptions in host-parasitoid dynamics, Journal of Theoretical Biology, 2022.

[2] A. Monti, F. Diele, C. Marangi, A. Provenzale, The onset of intermittency in the Beddington-Free-Lawton model, Communications in Nonlinear Science and Numerical Simulation, 2024.

[3] F. Diele, D. Lacitignola, A. Monti, On-off intermittency in a host-parasitoid model with a deterministic chaotic driver, International Journal of Bifurcation and Chaos, 2024.

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