Digital Twins (DT) are virtual representations of physical systems or processes used for modelling, simulating, and controlling them. With the increasing availability of data and computational resources, digital twins are becoming more powerful and versatile, transforming our societies.
This workshop will bring together researchers and practitioners working on digital twins to share their ideas, experiences, and challenges. We invite abstracts on DT requirements, methods, and applications, such as product design and manufacturing, product and process life cycles, health monitoring, predictive maintenance, and fault
diagnosis, product and process energy efficiency, urban planning and management, citizen-centred service design and optimisation, connected and automated ground, air, and water mobility, smart industries and infrastructure, communication network management, cultural heritage, healthcare and biomedicine, environment, biology, ecology, and ecosystems, including also discussions on DT challenges and limitations.

Relevant topics and methods are included in (but not limited to) the list below:
● Computational design
● Data fusion and assimilation
● IT platforms and data management
● Machine learning and artificial intelligence
● Modeling and simulation
● Optimization and advanced control
● Sensors and communication systems
● Inverse problems, statistical analysis, and uncertainty quantification
● Geometric modelling and semantic annotation
● Virtual and augmented reality

We welcome contributions from research institutes, academia, industry, and all fields related to DT. We particularly encourage submissions that demonstrate the use of DT in real-world applications or that present novel approaches or techniques.

Abstracts should be submitted before June 1st, 2023. They should not exceed three pages and clearly state the motivation, the problem addressed, the methodology, the results, and the contribution to the field. The Scientific Committee will review abstracts, and the accepted abstracts will be both presented as oral presentations and collected in a book of abstracts.

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