A Multiperiod Maximal Covering Location Model for the Optimal Location of Intersection Safety Cameras on an Urban Traffic Network

In this paper we propose a multiperiod optimization model based on the maximal covering location problem in order to support safety policies within urban areas. In particular, we focus on the field of car accidents control, by considering the problem of the optimal location of intersection safety cameras (ISC) on an urban traffic network to maximize road control and reduce the number and the impact of car accidents. The effectiveness of accidents prevention programs can be increased by changing periodically the position of the available ISCs on a given time horizon. To this aim, we propose a novel multiperiod maximal covering location approach designed to maximize the overall coverage on the whole discretized time horizon. The results of the application of this methodology on a real dataset concerning road accidents occurred on a portion of the urban traffic network of the city of Rome are presented and discussed.
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Dell;Olmo P., Ricciardi N., Sgalambro A.
Procedia: social & behavioral sciences