Numerical solution of moving boundary problems in glacier flow

Beside geographical and physical characteristics of the environment, mostly temperature changes drive glacier dynamical evolution with subglacial and supraglacial water release or approaching a metastable state. The appearance of subglacial lakes filling bedrock depressions, glacier sliding, crevasses formation and calving are linked climate change sensitive macro-phenomena, where interactions between the interfacing phases are crucial. We shall discuss the mathematical modelling and the numerical simulation of one of the above glacier problems with moving boundary. References A. Di Mascio, R. Broglia and R. Muscari, "On the application of the single- phase level set method to naval hydrodynamic flows", Computers & Fluids, Vol.36, 2007, pp. 868-863. D. Mansutti, E. Bucchignani, J. Otero and P. Glowacki, "Modelling and numerical sensitivity study on the conjecture of a subglacial lake at Amundsenisen, Svalbard", Applied Mathematical Modelling, (in press), 2014.
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Andrea Di Mascio, Daniela Mansutti
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R. M. Spitaleri, D. Mansutti