Seminar Prof. Michael Vynnycky


Prof. Michael Vynnycky, from the University of Limerick (Ireland), will hold a seminar titled "Practical Asymptotics in applied science".


Practical Asymptotics is an effective tool for reducing the complexity of large-scale applied-mathematical models arising in engineering, physics, chemistry, and industry, without compromising their accuracy. It exploits the full potential of the dimensionless representation of these models by considering the special nature of the characteristic dimensionless quantities. It can be argued that these dimensionless quantities mostly assume extreme values, particularly for practical parameter settings. Thus, otherwise complicated models can be rendered far less complex and the numerical effort to solve them is greatly reduced; asymptotics also provides a fuller understanding of the underlying problems. In this talk, I will give some examples of applications where this approach helped me: electrochemical pickling of steel, vanadium redox flow cells, pharmaceutical freeze-drying and moving-bed reactors .

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