Z-controlling with awareness a SEIR model with overexposure. An application to Covid-19 epidemic

We apply the Z-control approach to a SEIR model including a overexposure mechanism and consider awareness as a time-dependent variable whose dynamics is not assigned a priori. Exploiting the potential of awareness to produce social distancing and self-isolation among susceptibles, we use it as an indirect control on the class of infective individuals and apply the Z-control approach to detect what trend awareness must display over time in order to eradicate the disease. To this aim, we generalize the Z-control procedure to appropriately treat an uncontrolled model with more than two governing equations. Analytical and numerical investigations on the resulting Z-controlled system show its capability in controlling some representative dynamics within both the backward and the forward scenarios. The awareness variable is qualitatively compared to Google Trends data on Covid-19 and qualitative indications are inferred in view of the disease control.
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Deborah Lacitignola, Fasma Diele
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Aimi, Alessandra Bisi, Marzia Diligenti, Mauro Groppi, Maria Guardasoni, Chiara Sanfelici, Simona
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