Missing value estimation methods for DNA methylation data

Motivation: DNA methylation is a stable epigenetic mark with major implications in both physiological (development, aging) and pathological conditions (cancers and numerous diseases). Recent research involving methylation focuses on the development of molecular age estimation methods based on DNA methylation levels (mAge). An increasing number of studies indicate that divergences between mAge and chronological age may be associated to age-related diseases. Current advances in high-throughput technologies have allowed the characterization of DNA methylation levels throughout the human genome. However, experimental methylation profiles often contain multiple missing values that can affect the analysis of the data and also mAge estimation. Although several imputation methods exist, a major deficiency lies in the inability to cope with large datasets, such as DNA methylation chips. Specific methods for imputing missing methylation data are therefore needed.
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Di Lena, Pietro; Sala, Claudia; Prodi, Andrea; Nardini, Christine
Oxford University Press,
Bioinformatics (Oxf., Print)