Arriviamo alla pausa estiva dei seminari della serie "Seminari generali dell'IAC 2023" mercoledì 12 luglio con la Prof.ssa Irène Gijbels del Dipartimento di matematica della KU Leuven. 

Il titolo del seminario è: On  hybrid hazard-based regression models for censored data

Di seguito l'abstract.

In the analysis of time-to-event or survival data, the Cox proportional hazard model and the accelerated failure time model, are well-known models. In both models, the effect of covariates is standard of a parametric form. In this talk, we consider a hybrid hazard-based regression model that englobes both mentioned models, among others, and in addition, allows for more flexible (non-specified) effects of the covariates. The focus is on revealing the impact of the covariates, whereas the baseline hazard is modelled via a large class of two-piece asymmetric baseline distributions. We discuss estimation methods in various settings (parametric, semi-parametric -- partly linear, and non-parametric).

We investigate the performance of the estimators, and illustrate the practical use of the developed methods in real data applications.

This talk is based on joint work with Worku Biyadgie Ewnetu (UHasselt and KU Leuven) and Anneleen Verhasselt (UHasselt).

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